On the afternoon on November 7th 2001 my sister called to tell me that doctor Andrew Bagby, my closest friend since the age of 7, had been killed. My name is Kurt and I’m a filmmaker. Andrew appeared in every movie I made growing up. I decided to make a movie, to travel far and wide, to interview everyone who ever knew and loved Andrew.
Kurt Kuenne - Dear Zachary (2008)

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Right now I wanna sleep. I just want to sleep.
Trevor Reznik - The Machinist (2004)

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There’s a lot of ways to get to know a person. Eating her dead boyfriend’s brains is one of the more unorthodox methods, but…
R - Warm Bodies (2013)
When I was a kid growing up, music was the escape. That’s the only thing that had no judgments. You know, you put on a record, and it’s not going to yell at you for dressing the way you do. It’s going to make you feel better about it.
Marilyn Manson - Bowling for Columbine (2002)

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I’ve got some very fine beaches here… any beach that takes your fancy I’ll get for you.
MacIntyre - Local Hero (1983)